Megan Zane

The works of Megan Zane

Self-Published Works

Books fully created by Megan Zane and published through print on demand company Lulu.

Art and Design

Enamel pins, paintings, digital commissions, and oracle cards.

Published work

Published works that feature the art of Megan Zane

Self-Published Works

Sekhmet's Servant Oracle Companion booklet
Is a companion piece to the Sekhmet's Servant Oracle Deck that can be found in Art and Design. Booklet contains art and small write up by the creator of the deck.

Egyptian Gods : Coloring Book
A coloring book featuring illustrations of the Egyptian gods. A list of the gods within the book is found on the back cover. Preview available on Amazon.

Shark Witch
Coloring book meets witchcraft. Meditations, spells, and ceremonies embraced by illustrations exemplifying the power of the shark.

Art and Design

Sekhmet's Servant Oracle Deck
A deck of 100 cards featuring 99 gods and spirits completes this deck. It is printed on demand by Vervante. The companion booklet for it contains a small write up about the cards.

Enamel Pins
Using Kickstarter campaigns 5 pins were created in hard enamel. They are inspired by ancient Egyptian amulets. They are sold on Etsy usually but the Etsy store has been emptied and on pause due to Covid-19. The hope is that once the Pandemic risk is lowered pins will be available again.

Digital Art
As a freelance artist, commissions are important. Digital art is created using art programs on the computer. The turn around for a digital piece tends to be faster.
For information or to inquire about a commission contact Megan Zane.

Traditional Art
Traditional art is created using what is referred to as traditional media which includes paints, brushes, colored pencils, papers, canvas and so on. Traditional art has the advantage of producing a physical piece of art that can be handled and displayed.
For information or to inquire about a commission contact Megan Zane

Published Work

Below are the publications in which Megan Zane has contributed art.

The Ancient Egyptian Daybook by Tamara Siuda

Seized by Sekhmet by Barbara Jean Lindsey

The Queen of the Sky Who Rules Over All the Gods: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Bast by Bibliotheca Alexandrina